Birthday present ideas

Hello! Over the next two months I have got a LOT of friends having their birthdays that means a LOT of presents to buy. I don't want to get them all the same things so today I will hopefully give you a few ideas about what to get our friends! 

Before I buy anything I have a think about what to get them. If there is something they like then go with that theme or if you really don't know then just get a whole bunch of little things. I also give myself a budget, I think £15 is enough to buy a good present. 

The first idea is a collection of little Soap and Glory products. There a really good size to start with and of they like it they can go and buy the larger size. You can buy these in boots. 

The next idea I had was a nail varnish. I got a BarryM as there have got some really cute colours and they aren't to expesive. I decided to go for a limited edition one as it makes it more special. You can get these from boots, super drug for only £3.99 or online. 

There are lots of present ideas in the Body Shop. I got a medium sized body wash in her favourite scent. They have got lots of different products in this size and they are a great present. I got this for £4.

If they don't really like anything like this then another idea is a gift card which gives them the opportunity to buy something they really like. Chocolate is another good thing aswell as jewellery, clothing or some merchandise. 

I hope this has helped and has given you some ideas if you are ever stuck. Thank you for reading 

Maisie ♥

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