Original Baby Lips | Review


I remember that all of my friends had baby lips and they had found out about them through YouTube, which at the time I didn't watch. I always really wanted one and I got nearly all of them for my birthday last year. 

There are three which have no pigment and these are the best for your lips, the green, yellow and blue. The purple, orange and pink ones are and I have some swatches of them at the bottom.

I really like these as they really do mosturise your lips and I always have one in my bag with me! I wear the pigmented ones if I want to inject a bit of colour to my outfit. They are also really good for school as they can be quite subtle if you only put a small amount on. 

The packaging for these are really cute as the writing on the lid is in a contrasting colour to the pot. The lid is very bag proof and will not come off or break so I don't always put it in a makeup bag. 

I would defintily recommend these to anyone who wanted to buy a cheap lip balm that actually works. I hope this has been helpful!

Maisie ♥

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