3 Things: EOS lip balm

Hello, I first saw these on the internet I was immediately intrigued. My friends then got some and I had to get my hand on them and I am glad I did. They are the perfect size for your handbag and don't take up much room!

EOS are a lip balm and they are famous for being sphere shaped. They have no pigment at all but are amazing for your lips. There are lots of different scents/flavours and I thought I would share with you my favourite ones!

This is Summer fruits. I got this one first and I didn't stop using it. I must admit that I sometimes like this one and sometimes don't. The reason for this is it sometimes has a plasticy flavour but is quite nice. It does smell really nice and looks really pretty in your makeup bag.

This is Tangerine. I LOVE the flavour of this on as it really does have a orangey tangeriny taste. I smells really nice and is lovely on the lips. A few weeks ago I found that it had gone a bit waxy so I just rubbed a bit of water on it and it is as good as new. I have used this one the most.

This is Sweet Mint. I would have to say that this is one of my favourites. It has got a really strong mint flavour and I always feel like it actually does something to my lips. This is a really nice smooth texture and smells amazing. It is a really nice blue colour and is easy to see in your makeup bag.

I will definitely be getting more of these and one that is on my wish list is Lemon Drop. My friend has it and I always use it! You can now buy these in England at Selfridges and Topshop.

Thank you for reading. Have you got any EOS products? What your favourite lip balm?

Maisie ♥

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