3 Things: Favourite V05 products

Hello, I wanted something that I could put in my hair when it was going a bit frizzy and I came across V05. I used one of their products and had to use some more. Here are my favourite three.

"Tousled Style Spray" was the first one I picked up. I actually wrote about it in my hair routine post and told you how I used it. I really like this spray as I also use it when I need to give my hair a bit more volume. The one annoying thing is that I can't put it directly on my hair as it it only goes in one part and goes crispy so I squirt it in my hands and then apply it.

"Smoothly does it" is a really great mousse to use when I want to smooth down my baby hairs and I have a few little hairs at the top that like to stick out! I pump a little into my hand and then smooth it on my head and it keeps those baby's at bay.

I use "plump it up" on my hair when it is wet. I squirt it into my hands and then apply it to the ends of my hair. It makes them nice and stops the frizz. It is similar to "smoothly does it" but I use it at a different time and it works a treat!

I hope this has helped you. What's your favourite V05 product?
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