3 Things: Rings

Hello, today I will be showing you my 3 favourite rings. To see my three favourite V05 products then click here!

I have been getting into rings a bit more recently as I used to get SO scared that they would get stuck on my fingers and I would put them on for a few seconds and then take them off. I found these a few weeks ago and I fell in love with them.

This first one is just a plain, simple golden band. I wear this on my index finger and I just really like it. It is really cute and I think it is plain but effective. It may be my favourite out of them all!

This is a silver ring which has got 4 hearts on it. This is also quite thin but has more detail than the gold one. It has got 4 hearts which are quite small and they go in pattern by having the top of the heart next to the bottom of the next heart.

I love this ring. It is a rather large, silver ring. The detail on this is amazing as it has got little fish engraved into it. They are so cute and this is an amazing ring with other rings but looks just as effective on its own.

I hope you have like this post. I do want some more rings and will definitely be adding to my collection. Where do you buy rings?
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