A day in Windsor

Yesterday I went to Windsor and I thought I would share a few pictures with you! I will be doing another post to show you what I got today so keep your eyes peeled!

I went with my friends Serena and Rosie (who has got a blog so click here to visit it!) We spent the day shopping and had a great time. This is a kind of joint post with Rosie so a few things will be written on her post.

First off we started by going into Lush. We spent a while smelling everything and choosing the perfect things before we bought them. Our friend Serena was smelling the twilight bath ballistic and she then put it on the top, unfortunately she placed it on top of a wobbly one and guess what happened next. BAM. It was on the floor, in quite a few pieces. We spent a while giggling to ourselves before someone came and asked if we were OK!!

We then browsed around Paperchase and River Island but didn't buy anything. Body Shop was up next and I only bought one thing. I am kind of regretting not taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer!
We then went into superdrug to find the Tanya Burr makeup line and while we were in there we made an amazing discovery but head over to Rosie's post to find out what it was!

We then mooched around Windsor, got all touristy by the castle. We then went into Cath Kidston and the coolest sweet shop ever, Hardy's. I got a pick and mix and ohh they are yummy!
We then went into H&M where Rosie nearly bought a hat but decided against it. Our next stop was Topshop where we found loads of beautiful clothes but I only bought one thing, I was going to buy a blue crochet top but I didn't.

Lastly we went to Caffe Nero and I had a mango and passion fruit smoothie, the best drinks EVER. Rosie bought a bottle of water which we had a few difficulties opening, Turns out we were turning the cap the wrong way!!

Sadly Serena had to go home but me and Rosie made the best of the sunny weather and spent the rest of the day in the paddling pool, sun bathing and making loom bracelets!

I hope you have liked this post and go and make sure you go and check out Rosie's post which is linked at the top! Have you ever been to Windsor? Do you have a paddling pool?
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