German Sweets

Hello, recently I got loads of German sweets when I went to Germany including Milka and Haribo. They are too good to not share with you so I hope you enjoy!

Haribo is made in Germany so they are really cheap, (I got a massive bag of gummy bears for 1 euro!!) This made me really happy and I went a bit mental! So are Milka and Lidnt so you can see what my suitcase was filled with!

These Smurfs are AMAZING! They have got a really nice sugar coating and they are also sour. I gave these to my brother but I have been eating a few when he's not looking!

 I'm not quite sure what these are called because I may have thrown away the packet but they are the best and I need more. They are a fruity flavour with a really nice texture.

I haven't opened these yet but they look super good. They are a bit like randoms but they use real fruit juice. I am really looking forward to trying these!

I coudn't come home without some Milka but I thought I would try something new. These are chocolate filled with strawberry chocolate and are really hard to stop eating, I ate about 7 in one go!

I hope you have liked this post. Have you ever had German sweets? Do you like Milka, Haribo or both?

Maisie ♥

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