Lush Dragon's Egg Review

Hello, you all know how much of a lush fan I am so I thought I would give you a review of one of my favourite bath bombs.

In Lush they have got so many different products that do so many different things but something I go back to time after time is "Dragon's Egg". This is one of Lush's bath ballistics but I like to call them just plain old bath bombs! This is the first one I ever got and I remember me and my brother spent AGES trying to pick the best one.

I like to use this bath bomb when I need to cheer myself up or I am just in a good mood. It has got so many different colours and a surprise in the middle which I will leave you to find out! I would DEFINITELY recommend this one but one piece of advice, use it as soon as you get it. It will be so much more fun. The one thing that I found was that I thing I may have had an allergic reaction to it on my face but other than that it was brill!

I hope you liked this and I will be doing more reviews soon. Do you like this bath bomb? Please leave a comment letting me know and suggest a few for me to try!
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