My Storage #2

Hello, today is the second part of my storage series. Click here to see the first one. In this post I will be showing you how I store my lip balm as I have got a LOT.

This first pot is a Cath Kidston one. I have got more of these in different colours and sizes. They are a bit like those Russian dolls! I use them for lots of things and there is always a size for something.. I think they are really pretty and this one is the perfect size because there is still room for me to fill. I have all my baby lips, lush lip scrub and lip glosses in here.

I don't know where I got this pot from but it is adorable. It is an owl and who doesn't like owls? I use this to store my EOS and it really does fit them in nicely. This looks so cute in my room and I could just use this for a cute decoration.

I hope you have liked this and look forwards for next weeks post. Check out my last storage post. What do you use to store your lip balms?
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