My Storage #3

Hello, today is the last in my storage series. Click here to see #1 and #2. I will be showing you two really cute little bowls today and what I put in them!

First is this really cute little (what I like to call) a candle holder. I think it is the perfect size for candles and I have got one in at the moment. There are squares that pop out on on each one is a beautiful carved out star shape. I have got a winter scent in there at the moment but I am planning on getting some more summery ones. I got this from Ikea.

This is one of my favourite things in my room. This is also from Ikea. It has got a scalloped edge and on the bowl there are a few dots that stick out. It has got a a stand and one it there are indented stripes. I keep my rings and bracelets in here and I think it looks really pretty on my dresser.

I hope you have liked this and that you have liked this series.How do you store your jewellery? Where do you put your candles?
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