O.P.I Brazil Review

Hello, today I have got a review for you. I got this little pack of 4 O.P.I nail varnishes from my German exchange and I think they are really pretty colours. Their names are all really weird and that would have to be the only off putting thing!

"Next Stop...The Bikini Zone" I really like this colour. If you have more than two coats then this could be a colour on its own, but a thin layer over a pale colour would look amazing! I think this is a colour that I am always going to be using!

"Kiss Me I'm Brazilian" is a cute baby pink. It goes on nicely and I think that it is just a really nice pink colour. There are lot  out there but I just really like this one!

"AmazON...AmazOFF". It is a turquoise and I think it is beautiful. It doesn't look like all the other turquoises and I think this may become one of my summer staples! This has got the most embarrasing name of them all!

"Where Did Suzi's Man-go?". This is a really nice pale orange and would look great with a tan! This is such a cute colour and one of my new favourites. I think the name goes with this colour as mangos are meant to be orange and this is!

I hope you have liked this review and have enjoyed reading this. What is your summer nail varnish?
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