Summer Essentials #1

Hello, I thought as most of you will be on your summer holidays or will in a few days I would show you my essentials for summer. I have got post number two coming out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled

First of all strappy/short sleeved tops. I think these are a must have for summer and they are practically all I wear, that and dresses. I like to wear quite floaty tops so that it doesn't get to hot. I got these from Topshop and Hollister as they are some of the only ones that fit me because I am pretty small!

Lip balms are quite important so I make sure I have got a mixture of both tinted and clear. I like to use the clear whenever my lips are sore and this baby lips one is really good. If you want to see a review then I did one here. I like to use these tinted ones whenever I go out or if I want to add something to my outfit.

Sandals are also important. They go with nearly all outfits and are perfect for summer. I like the fact that these two are different as the both give a different effect to the outfit. They are both from Topshop and are very comfy.

I don't know if I even need to mention this but sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun and are a fashion item, more more could you ask for? I also have another pair from last year and I also wear them. Don't throw away glasses every year, reuse them!

I like to wear my hair up in the summer and I think if you add a scrunchie then it makes it look so much nicer. I always think that a scrunchie can make a hairstyle look 10x better.

I hope this has helped you and you have enjoyed reading this. What are your summer essentials?

Maisie ♥

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