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Recently I have been getting a few things from Topshop so I thought I would show you. I just want to put it out there that I am not showing off and I didn't get this all at the same time, I got them on different occasions.

This is a knitted jumper which has got the words "pretty" on. This is really thin but is not very see through. I really like the detail on the front which is in a really pretty, soft, floral pattern. I got this for £15 in the sale and am pretty impressed with it (see what i did there!!)

I also got this this sheer white top with a collar. I actually chose this top because of the collar and I was very please when I found out there was detail on the sleeves. This is also not very see through but I think I will wear it with a colourful bandeau to make it more interesting. The great thing about this top is you can also wear it in the winter with the collar showing over a jumper.

I have already mentioned these in my previous post and I absolutely love them, my silver sandels! They go with nearly every outfit. annoyingly I got them after my operation so I haven't had many opportunities to wear them, but they will definitely be one of my staple summer pieces.

These are a must have for summer and its always important to have a pair. I saw these sunglasses and immediately fell in love. They are a really nice colour and are really comfortable to wear. one thing I really like is that they haven't got those bobbly bits by the nose so they don't get caught in my hair!

I hope this has given you some ideas about what I will be wearing this summer. I am thinking of doing a look book, would you like that? What is your favourite shop?

Maisie ♥

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