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Hello, as its summer we are all going on holiday so I thought I would show you what I will be taking with me in my hand luggage.

First of all, a book. I always like to read on a flight as it is a great way to pass the time and to get into the holiday spirit! I would definitely recommend taking more than 1 book on holiday if you are like me and love reading on holiday. I have got 5 lined up to take. Is that too many?!

I always need to have a hand sanitiser with me when travelling as it is quite convenient and a quick way to get rid of those germs. This one from Soap and Glory work really well and smells amazing! Two in one!

I always like to take a lip balm with me and if it is tinted then even better! This one is a baby lips and to see a full review of it click here. I put this on just before I get to my destination as it makes me feel like I look better as I never wear any makeup when travelling.

A moisturiser is also one of my essentials as it is always nice to feel refreshed and if you are flying then it is important to hydrate you skin as it gets very dehydrated during flights. I really like this clinique one as it makes my skin feel really nice and doesn't make my skin go sticky.

A phone and earphones. I ALWAYS have this with me whenever I am travelling. You can listen to your music or you could use it to play games but if you are make sure they don't need wifi! Recently when I was flying I was trying to read my book and it was really noisy so I put my headphones in a had my music on really quietly. It was perfect as it droned out the noise.

The small green thing is a portable charger. All you have to do is plug it in before it you go and then it will keep its charge until you use it all up. It will charge your phone for three hours straight and it will tell you how much charge it has left. They are really useful for travelling and one of my essentials.

This is what I take with me but if you are flying make sure you have checked what you are allowed to take. I hope this has helped some of you. What are your travel essentials?
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