Weird Thought Wednesday

Hello, as we have got builders at our house at the moment, that is the theme of this post. I spent a while thinking about this as I started to think about it when I couldn't go to sleep.

If you had to make a window in a brick wall with a sledge hammer, pointy file thing, saw and a hammer in a week ,and if you didn't or the wall fell down you would be in danger, what would you do? I immediately thought "Hit it with the sledge hammer and then use the file to clean it off" but then would that risk the wall falling down?!

I then decided that I would start to file down the wall and use the saw to mark the outline of the window and then I could knock out some of the brick and that would be a safe thing to do as well. I'm not sure how long it would take but that would be my plan.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. What would you do? What has been your weirdest thought of the week?

Maisie ♥

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