Weird Thought Wednesday

Hello, animals. That is what this post is about.

What if we were all still animals? Would we be living in a world like we do now? Would our animal brains have evolved as much as ours? I'm not sure and for once I didn't come up with an answer but I think our lives would be very different. I'm not sure if we would have come up with technology or if we would be living in houses but I am sure we would have created something that we don't have now.

I think it is weird that we once were animals (or so it is thought). To think we lived in the tree and now we live within walls and that we keep something that we have evolved from behind bars is strange but that's the life we live. I am glad that we did evolve this way and we have all the privileges we have.

Thank you for reading and sorry it was so deep! What was your weirdest thought of the week? What do you think we would be like if we hadn't evolved?

Maisie ♥

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