Weird Thought Wednesday


This week I haven't really been doing much so I have had quite a few weird thoughts but one of the main ones was... what if my brother was a girl.

I don't have any other siblings, it's just me and my brother and we get on quite well. I only have one other family member that is a girl and I hardly ever get to see her, so that bought me on to think what would it be like to have a sister. 

There is only a 2 year age gap between me and my brother so if he was a girl we would probably be really close, and he would steal all my stuff. He (she) would also probably be really annoying and would try to be so like me because I am just so cool! (Joking!)

I don't think I want my brother to change gender and I like him just the way he is. If your reading this Bastie then please don't magically change gender over night! 

I hope you have enjoyed this little post. Have you had any weird thoughts this week?

Maisie ♥

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