Windsor Haul

Hello, here is what I bought in Windsor on Wednesday as promised in yesterdays post!

There are really good shops in Windsor I could have bought loads of things but I held myself back. If you want to know what I did in Windsor then click here!

First off we went into Lush and you all know how much I love lush. I decided to get things that I have never used before.
I got the Honey Bee bath ballistic. Have wanted this one for ages and always oogled at in the shop whenever I went in. I finally bought it and haven't stooped smelling it!!

This is MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment. I saw this is the shop and when I smelt it, It brought back memories of snow fairy. I think this a bath melt so I just pop it in the bath and it will make my skin go all lovely and soft and smell amazing!
(I really want to try one of Lush's toner as I have heard so many good reviews on them. Have you got any recommendations?)

I then went into The Body Shop. There was a offer on the small products and I am slightly annoyed that I didn't take the chance to buy 3 things for the price of 2. :( I got the mango body butter and it smells amazing. I have used for the past few days and I can honestly say that my skin fells SO soft. I think this will be a great thing to take on holiday!

I went into Topshop and I had been eyeing these up for a while and who wouldn't. Me and my brother used to be obsessed with Where's Wally and I must admit we did have to find Wally before I had put these on. I really like these as they are really soft and they have short bottoms. I have only got one pair of short pyjamas and now I have a feeling I will be wearing these all the time.

I found this adorable dress in Zara and instantly fell in love. It is perfect for summer days and would look great when it starts to get colder with some tights!

I hope you have liked this post. Do you ever end up with hundreds of bags? What is the most amount of bags you have come back with?
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