3 Things: Packing Tips

Hello, I thought I would give you some tips to packing your bag as lots of people are going on holiday at the moment. These are the things I do when I pack but please don't feel you have to use them.

1) Plan your outfits
Firstly I layout all of my clothes and then I will plan some outfits depending on the weather. I will see what goes with what so that means that I don't get there and find out that none of the nice things I've got with each other. My tip is to know what goes with what before you get there.

2) Take spares
I always make sure that I have extras of most things. Socks, pants and simple things such as plain t-shirts as they are quite useful but if one gets a stain it always nice to have a spare one. My tip is to take spare things of essentials.

3) Don't take more than you need
I know that it is nice to have a few extra things but don't pack more than you will need. I normally pack way to much and then when I get there I don't know what to wear so I end up no wearing all of the clothes I bought. My tip is take a few extra outfits but not 5!

I hope this has helped you. What are your tips for packing? Where are you going on holiday, leave me a comment telling me where your going.
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