3 Things: Tips for school

Hello, I know many of you will be going back to school this week and that you will be wanting to get everything ready ahead of time so I thought today I would show you my top tips to make your first day back easier.

1) Set yourself an alarm
This may seem really horrid that it has come back to the time of waking up early but sadly it as. I would advice setting an alarm maybe 10 mins before you have to get up for example I am getting up at 7 so my alarm will be set for 6:50 (wow that sounds really early)

2) Get your bag ready the night before
Before you go to bed get everything you need for the next day ready. Get your pencil case, folder and anything else. This just gives you the reasurance that if you sleep in you are ready and don't have to rush around and get yourself in a state before you go to school.

3) Get your clothes out
This may seem like the one above but it is also really helpful. It means that you don't have to fumble around in the dark and then find out that you've got odd socks on too late. I would also say get your makeup ready, choose what look you want to go for.

I hope this is helpful, also I would say don't get taken away with social media. Good luck if you are starting a new school and if not still good luck! Are you starting a new school? What are your top tips?
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