Benefit "Do The Bright Thing" Review

Hello, I got this Benefit box almost a year ago for my birthday and I have been using it a lot more recently so I thought I would tell you my thoughts and review the products inside!

Firstly let me talk about the packaging. It is so cute. Inside there are lots of different sections that the products are in and they all fit neatly. There is a piece of clear plastic which goes over the top so that nothing will get ruined or fall out!

One of my favourite things about this is the little instructions book on the lid which when opened up is hiding a mirror so is great for on the go.

The first product is "that gal" face primer. I haven't really used this much but when I do it always makes my skin feel and look smooth and soft.

This is the "Dandelion" blusher which comes with its own brush. As you can tell I have used this quite a bit and I love the colour and it gives a very natural look. I would definitely recommend it.

"High Beam" is a highlighter for you cheeks that comes in a liquid form. It comes with an applicator which is easy to use and in the shape of a nail polish brush. There is a slight shimmer to this and I like to use it on sunny days as it looks very effective.

I don't use eyeliner but I was lucky enough to get this "BAD gal eyeliner" which I am sure will come in handy some day. When I first got the box I tried out all of the products and when I tried this it didn't go very well. I tried to then wipe it off but it is SO waterproof that I had to wash my face! This would be perfect for your holidays.

This mascara has got such good reviews and when I saw it in here I was very happy. "they're Real!" really extends your lashes and draws attention to your eyes. The one thing that I would say about it is that lots of the product clogs up on the end of the brush and makes your eyelashes go clumpy which is not good.

I think this box would be great to take with you if you where going away as it has all the basics and would be easy to put in your bag. I really like this product and there are more of these boxes which have different products in them. Click here to go to the Benefit website.

I hope you liked this review of the Benefit "Do The Bright Thing" and if you would like to know more about anything then please leave me a comment asking.
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  1. That beauty box really looks great! You blended it in so well :D

    Jennos Health.

  2. I love the That Gal primer, it's probably my favourite benefit product! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog