Cute Things In My Room

Hello, today I was tidying my room and I thought that I would show you some of the things of my favourite things in my room.

First I have got this really cute little basket which I keep all of my lush things in. I did a whole post so click here to see it.

I love these fairy lights and have them on all the time.

These are so useful these and I keep so much stuff in these. I have got another one to put up but I' trying to think where!

This net curtain is adorable and I have had it for years.

This is my blue wall. I have got a big M on there and a few other cute things. I love just having one wall a different colour and would recommend it if you want to do something to your room.

I got this for my birthday a few years ago and it has been so useful. It is magnetic and a great way for me to display my things.

I hope you have liked this post. What are your favourite things in your room?
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