July Favourites!

Hello, today I have got another monthly favourites for you. It is beauty and non-beauty.

First up I have got the Hollister "Malaia". I got this at Christmas and I used it everyday. Then when my German exchange came I took a few of my things in to my mums room and I completely forgot about it. I have fallen head over heals in love with it again!

I have also been loving this chubby stick in Curvy Candy. I love this colour as it is a really pretty pink and such a good summer colour. To see a full review click here.

My book of the month is Watership Down. This is a traditional book and I am loving it. I having being reading this since the start of the holiday and I can't wait to see what happens at the end but it is meant to be quite sad so not looking forward to that bit!

My favourite song this month has been Chandelier by Sia (that rhymes!). I have had this on constant replay and just have been really enjoying it.

Lastly I have been loving this deodorant. I know that this quite random but it really is amazing. I wear it everyday and it the smells lasts for ages!

I hope you have liked this post. What were your July favourites?
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  1. Great post lovey! I love that song, I be jamming to it on the radio. I had to follow you hun :)

    Jennos Health.