My Bucket List

Hello, as I'm on holiday it got me thinking about things that I want to do. This isn't a post about where I want to go but more of fun things that I want to do. So let's get going!

1) Swim with dolphins
Kind of an obvious one I know but my auntie was telling me about when she went swimming with wild dolphins on her travels and think that sounds amazing!
2) Go to Australia
I have seen so many amazing pictures and heard such great stories but I think that Australia sounds like a really amazing place. I would love to visit there but I recently watched something about sharks and one man got attacked by one and lost his hand so that is slightly scary!
3) Keep a dream diary
This may seem weird but I have so many dreams and I can remember most I them as soon as I wake up. I think it would be really cool to write down my dreams as I have some really weird ones!
4) Go to Greece
I have wanted to go to Greece since I watched Mama Mia. It looks like such a beautiful place and the water looks so clear!
5) Speak French 
I talked about this is another post but as quite a lot of my family speak French I would love to speak nearly fluently. I have taken it for my GCSEs and having that extra help at home will be really useful. 
6) Go on a Safari
I would love to do this and I think my brother would too! To see all those animals in their natural habitat I think it would be amazing. I wouldn't like to go out of the car though!
7) Go to university
Both of my parents and everyone else in my family have been to university and I know that lots of people don't want to but I actually really do. I think it is a bit of a life experience and my mum tells me so many funny stories and it sounds so fun. 
8) Get a double bed
I have a tiny room with just enough room for a bed, chest of drawers and a table so I think when I move out I will have to have a big room with a massive double bed!
9) Learn to drive
I have always loved the idea of driving and as I will be the last out of my friends it is quite annoying! One thing I find really cool is I can have my music up really loud (cough FROZEN cough) and sing along and no one has to hear!
10) Fly first class
When ever you walk through first class to get to your seat how annoying is it? One day I really want I fly first class, maybe to America to make the most out of it!

What do you want to do when you are older? Where do you want to go?
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