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Hello, today I have got quite a big post for you. As most of you know I LOVE Lush. I thought today I would show you what I have from Lush and if I can recommend anything to you. I will be doing full reviews on these in the future.
I have recently put all of my lush products in this basket as I thought it would be a great place to store them. It also means that I can now see everything I have got so I can chose what I will use!
First up I have got the Honey Bee bath ballistic. I bought this when I went to Windsor and as you can tell I haven't used it yet!
I also got this MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment when I went to Windsor and also haven't used it but I am really looking forward to as it smells so much like snow fairy.
Which leads me nicely on to talking about... Snow Fairy! I got this at Christmas but don't want to use it all up. I have got a tiny amount of it left which I am saving for a special day.
I have got the body wash in Happy Hippy. I love this and it is the best summer scent as it is so fresh and lovely!
I have also got this shimmy bar. I got this at my party last year and think it is such a good idea. I don't use it everyday but occasionally.
I recently found this solid perfume in my fridge as I had put it there to made it go a bit more solid and I was to happy when I found it. I love this smell and haven't stopped wearing it since I found it.
This is Buffy. I use this is the shower and I love the way it leaves my skin.
I LOVE Bohemian. This soap smells AMAZING! I love it so much and use all the time. I would definitely recommend this.

Last but not least we have got Charity Pot. I really like this hand ream and it is one of my essentials for winter as I get really dry hands.

I hope you have liked this post and have a good Sunday! I will be doing full reviews on these soon. How big is your lush collection? Can you recommend anything for me to try, please leave a commment.
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