Summer Morning Routine

Hello, I have been seeing loads of morning routines on YouTube so I thought I would show you mine. This is for summer and will definitely change when I go back to school. 

 I normally wake up at 9-9:30 ish.

 I then watch a bit of YouTube, or maybe a lot!
 I will then wash my face but I am going to be doing a skin care routine soon so I haven't shown you what I use.
 Have a shower.
I will then choose what to wear.
 Breakfast is next and I have a post all about this coming up!
 I will then watch a bit more YouTube while eating my breakfast! If you can't tell I am slightly addicted!
Got to brush those teeth!
I will then get myself ready, put some makeup on and spritz some perfume.
Got to take a selfie!

 I will then publish a post for you guys and then probably right another one!

I hope you like this post and the style I wrote it. If you have any questions then please ask and if you have done a morning routine post then please leave a link as I would love to read them!
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