Summer Playlist

Hello, I haven't stopped listening to music this summer so I thought I would share with you what I have been some of my favourite songs.

You can actually check out my whole playlist here.

1) Calvin Harris, Summer. Kind of and obvious choice as the title says! This is such a good song and I love it. It has got such a catchy tune. You would be silly to not listen to this!

2) Youngblood Hawk, Stars (Hold On). I heard this on an advert and after shazamming it and adding it to my playlist it has stayed there for ages. It is a firm favourite and I like it because it is quite catchy but different to all the other songs at the moment.

3) Imagine Dragons, On Top Of The World. This is a classic but has to be on there with its up beat lyrics. Such a good song to jam out to in your room, such a good form of procrastination.

4) Ariana Grande, Problem. I think this went straight to the top of the charts when it was released and I can see why. This is an amazing song and who doesn't love Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea? One thing I want to know is how she goes that high?

5) 5 Seconds Of Summer, Don't Stop. I love this song. It is so fun and jumpy and perfect for summer. So are all of their songs o be honest and its nice to turn on your phone to their faces, right?

I hope you have liked this post and it has given you some good ideas of songs to listen to this summer. What is your favourite song this summer? Do you like any of these song?
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