Tips Tuesday

Hello, I am so sorry that I haven't done one of these in ages but I just completely forgot and didn't get round to taking a any pictures. Sorry!
You may have seen this nail polish featured in many of my post. I bought it for a friend and fell so totally in love that I had to go and buy it for myself. Story over this product is amazing. The formula is easy to get on and goes lovely and smooth with no bumps or streaks. I only need to apply 2 coats of this and it will last me over a week. I always love the BarryM formula's as they all apply really easily. This is a coral-y colour with undertones of pink and orange. One of my favourite things about this nail varnish is that it has got a slight shimmer to it when your nails are in the sun. I think it looks amazing and so beautiful for a holiday! Overall I would definitely recommend this colour and think it is one I am going to be coming back to time and time again!

I hope you liked this review. Do you have this nail varnish? Do you like coral colours?
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