Weird Thought Wednesday

Hello, Today I want to talk about shoes. I had this massive conversation with my mum about this (we are weird, we do know!) Why don't we wear shoes to bed? We wear them everywhere else. I get that when you go out of the house you kind of have to but there are ties when you don't.

You don't always have to wear shoes inside... but you do. It seems that the only place you don't wear shoes is in bed! Here are a few reasons why you could wear shoes in bed.

If there is an emergency and you have to get out of the house you don't have to wait to put some shoes on.
If you have some shoes that are new and you re trying to wear them in then this would be the perfect opportunity as if they rub you wouldn't be able to feel it!
If you are having your house done or the floor is dangerous to walk on and you wake up in the middle of the night and you really need a wee then you don't have to worry about putting shoes on.

This is very random but hay ho!

What was your weirdest thought of the week? Do you think we should wear shoes to bed, if so please leave me a comment telling me why!
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