Weird Thought Wednesday

Hello, I mentioned in my post yesterday that I wanted to go to University. I know this is a topic with lots of different opinions but I have my reasons. It may seem like it is a long way off but it is only 4 years if I don't take a gap year, but that is a whole other post

Most of my family have been to a university and they all have so many stories to tell. I think it would be a great life experience as you have to do things for yourself and you will learn a lot not only about the subjects your studying but about a lot more. I also think that you will have so much fun making new friends and if you choose something that you enjoy then to study then the course too.

I don't know yet what I want to do or what I what to study at university. I know it is a lot of money but I think it is definitely worth it! 

Do you want to go to university? Do you go to university? 
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  1. Nice post! Personally, I don't think Uni is for me. But, I am sure it is great for the people who do want to go !