10 people to follow on Instagram

Hello, I was trying to think about what to post while I was scrolling through Instagram when I had an idea to show my 10 favourite people I follow.

1) Hannah Maggs
She puts up picture nearly everyday. There are some absolutely adorable ones of Grayson but even when they are of him they are still such a cool picture. You should also check out her YouTube channel as I love her videos so much.

2) Olivia Purvis
I found out about Olivia's blog and then decided to follow her one Instagram and boy am I glad I did. She has such good photos and they all look really professional. I hope one day my Instagram feed looks this good one day!

3) Mylifeaseva
I found Eva a few months ago and I think that her photos are so cool. They are all really imaginative and I love the fact that they are not all selfies and even some of them are really funny!

4) Tanya Burr
I love all of Tanya's post. They are all so beautiful and I especially love her quotes as they are really good and inspirational.

5) Anna SacconeJoly
I love seeing Anna's photos on my feed as they are always such cute pictures of Emilia and Eduardo. She posts really regularly and all the photos are good quality.

6) Jonathan SacconeJoly
As you can tell I am just in love with the SacconeJoly's. Jonathon also posts pictures like Anna so it always puts a smile on my face when I see his photos.

7) Mildreds Instagram
This is just an account on Instagram that I have found over time and I really like her photos. She has got a theme to her page and I really like it. All her photos are her own and I just really like them!

8) Niomi Smart
I love Niomi's Instagram. It is full of a whole range of photos which are all such good quality. I love all of them as they all have different filters, boarders and themes.

9) OhMyClumsyHeart
I may have mention them before but this page is amazing. They are actually a jewelry shop and all most of their photos have a piece of their jewellery in it. All their pictures are clean and sharp and I love them all.

10) Zoella
Last but defiantly not least is Zoella. As you all know from this post I love Zoe. Her instagram is so cool. Although she doesn't post as often as others when she does she doesn't disappoint!

I hope you have liked this post. If there is anyone you would recommend me to follow then please leave a comment. Do you follow any of these people?
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  1. I think I need to check out some of these people.
    Thanks for sharing
    xx, jodi

  2. Thanks for this! I'm always looking for new instagram accounts to follow!

    Some people are so good at photography! Great post :)

    Fleur x


  3. Fantastic Post :)
    I love your Blog!

    Follow for follow?

    Amanda x
    The Malteser