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Hello, I had my birthday a few weeks ago and I thought that I would show you a few of the things that I got!
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First of all I got these white leather converse. I really wanted some white converse and when my friend told me about leather ones I thought they were such a good idea. You can clean them really quickly and I find them really comfy.

I also got this basic makeup kit from Laura Mercier. I was so surprised when I opened this as I was not expecting this. I understand how lucky I am but my mum decided that it was a good idea to get me some really good value makeup as it will last me a long time.

She also got me some makeup brushes from Laura Mercier which she says should last me for the rest of my life if I look after them. I was also really surprised when I got these but am really thankful.

I got this M ring from Topshop which I really like. I have really been getting into rings and this one is jut so cute. I didn't stop wearing this after I got it so when I took it off for school it felt really weird and like I was missing something.

You may have seen my other post about EOS lip balms and in it I mentioned the Lemon Drop one. I have wanted this one for ages so when I opened this I was really happy. I just love the smell of this and I find it actually helps my lips alot more than the others.

This is very random but I go a massive pot full of ABC letter s which is probably one of my favourite presents. I love these but there are no shops near me that sell them so I will have to savour these!

I also got a few other things was a pillow and a cake stand which you can see in my Tanya Burr cookies post!

I hope you have liked this post and I am sure that alot of these things will be featured on here in the near future. When is your birthday? If you have done a birthday haul then please leave a link and I would love to check them out!
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  1. Really love your new converse sneakers! Happy birthday!