Easy School Makeup

Hello, as I have been back to school for a few weeks now I thought I would share with you the makeup look that I have been wearing and hopefully it will give you some ideas. I know this is quite late but I thought better late than never!

Firstly I put on some concealer to cover up and spots or blemishes. If you don't have any then please miss this step.

Next I go onto blusher. I use this Benefit Dandelion one and I think it is a really nice colour. If you only apply a little bit then it can look quite subtle.

If you want to add a little bit more to the look then you could add a subtle eyeshadow. I have this Bourjois one, it is white and you only need a little bit for it to look nice.

Mascara is what I use next. I have started using this new Rimmel. I am quite liking it and might do a review!

Lastly I use a lip balm/tint. I will either use this baby lips or this chubby stick. I think they are both really good and they aren't to bright if you only use a little bit.

I hope you have liked this post even though it is a little over due! What do you use in your everyday makeup routine? If you have a makeup routine then please leave a link and I would love to check it out!
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