Favourite Youtubers

Hello, I have recently been watching loads of YouTube so I thought I would share with you who I watch!


I have watched Zoella for about a year now and I think she is my favourite YouTuber. She does loads of different sorts of videos like beauty, fashion, makeup and collabs with so many different youtubers. I always look forward to her videos and I am really enjoying her vlogs as well.


I found out about Gabby from Zoe. She was in one of her vlogs and her main channel videos so I thought I would check her out. She is absolutely hilarious and she moved house recently so she has been vlogging which I have been looking forward to everyday.

Tanya Burr

Tanya has such fun videos to watch and I love her videos. She is kind of a beauty guru but she doesn't classify herself as one. She also has amazing vlogs but I love her cooking videos. You may have seen the post that I did when I made her cookies but they were really good!


The SacconeJolys are a family who daily vlog. They have two children called Emilia and Eduardo who are sooo cute! They upload everyday and I look forward to their videos everyday. They are so funny especially Emilia!

Bethany Mota

I was told about Bethany through a friend and after I watched a few of her videos I was hooked. They are so fun and are really interesting as I always find out about new products. She has done really well for herself as she has got a clothing line, perfume and is now on dancing with the stars!

There are many other but these are the ones who I have been loving recenly! I hope you have liked this post. I would recommend all of these people! Do you watch any of these people? Do you watch any youtube? Who do you watch, leave a comment telling me as I would love to find out about some people to watch!
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  1. I watch the same people and Marcus Butler, Pointlessblog and Jacksgap. Great post and keep up the good work.


  2. I love Bethany Mota! But on another note, I really like watching comedy youtubers like NigaHiga and Joe Thatcher! Check them out!

    Also did youdraw that youtubers thing at the top of your post? If you did your majorly talented!

    1. I sometimes watch them to and NO I didn't draw that!

  3. I absolutely love these youtubers especially Zoe and Bethany but I watch Ava Allan as well! She is awesome x

  4. These youtubers are amazing, if you're into makeup and fashion videos I can definitely recommend watching Essie Buttonand Jackie Wyers. :)