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Hello, I have seen lots of other bloggers doing posts like this so I thought that I would give it a go!

This is the outfit I wore this weekend. It is really comfy and I think as it starts to get colder will be an something that I will wear a lot. It will keep me warm but I won't get to hot.

I am wearing my Hollister jumper (I don't think they sell this anymore) which is a really nice, light fabric. These are my Topshop Joni jeans which I practically live in as they are so comfy. On my feet I am wearing my Topshop frilly socks and my white, leather converse which I got for my birthday.

I hope you have liked this sort of post and if you would like to see more then please leave a comment.
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  1. absolutely love this outfit! I never knew they made white leather converse!

    Ella x