Tanya Burr Cookies!

Hello, sorry I haven't posted for about a week guys but I explained it all here. Today I have got a sort of foody post but sadly I haven't showed you how to do it. Sorry!

I don't know if you know about Tanya Burr but she is a YouTuber and she recenty did a videos making milk and white chocolate cookies. I made these with my friends last weekend but I made them again at home. They are amazing just after they have been taking out of the oven as the chocolate is melty and the cookie is soft and amazing!

I hope you guys liked this post! Have you made these cookies? Do you watch Tanya Burr?
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  2. When I try to make cookies like these, they never work out well. But yours look delicious! I do watch Tanya Burr sometimes, and I was thinking of buying a lipstick from her new makeup collection. What about you?
    Thank you for your comment on my blog:)


  3. wow, those look delish! I want to try those! :)

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