Places I Want To Visit

I have recently been starting to use Pinterest and I have become obsessed. One of the major things I have been looking at are the most beautiful places so I thought I would share some of the places I would love to go!

I have seen so many pictures of this place and they are all amazing. It looks so pretty and the sea just looks like heaven. A couple of my friends have been there and they have all said how good it was.
I have seen many different YouTubers go here and it looks like one of the most amazing places on earth. All of the housesand arcitectrure is so cool. I love that they are all white with blue tops!
New York
The big apple. This is one place that I have to go before I die. All the shops and places to eat, ahhh I just want to go there now!! I also think it looks so cool at night and would love to go there near Christmas!
How amazing does this look. The eiffel tower is one place I really want to visit and I really want to climb it. There is also meant to be really good shopping and mabye I would buy some macaroons?!
Ever since I tried Fiji water I have wanted to go there. It looks like the most serenic place and I think it would be such a good holiday just laying on the beach and relaxing! Also look at the olour of the sea, I would definitely have to go snorkeling!
I hope you like this post and I you have been to or want to go to any of these pplaces then leave me a comment! Where else do you want to go?
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*None of these photos are mine and I take no credit for them

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  1. I want to visit these places too


  2. Out of your list, I've only been to Paris. It was just like you'd imagine. I'd love to explore more. There's so much to discover out there. Happy weekend! :] // ☼ ☯

  3. I'm heading to Europe in a few weeks so like you, I can't wait to visit some of those places for the first time!

    I have been to Fiji though and it is just like the pictures. Clear water and so relaxing!

    Emily xx

  4. Wow your blog post if amazing !!! :)

    great read.. Love it!

    if you have some space time would love to see you over on my blog <3



  5. i've been to most of those but am dying to go to dubai!

  6. Yeah, these all look like places I would like to visit, too! I've gone to Paris and New York and they're my top two favorite cities in the whole entire world! I'm lucky enough that I live close to New York City, thankfully, but not Paris :( I would like to return there a few more times in my lifetime even though it's so expensive!

    Rosegold Fox