4 Ways To Start Your Day Better

Recently I have been changing a few things in my morning routine to try and improve the rest of my day, so I thought I woud share them with you.

Not Pressing The Snooze Button
I know this may seem hard but trust me, getting up on time can really make your morning more relaxed. I always have more time to do things and it is never nice to start your day off in a rush.
Making Your Bed
It is much nicer to come home to a nice clean bedroom and if your staying at home all day then even more of a reason! I always like to leave the house with a nice tidy bed so that when I come home I can flop on it!
Eating Breakfast
This may sound obvious but not eating before you go to school/work is not a good idea. It always makes you feel the mornings more! Even if it is just a yogurt (good for a Monday morning) or a bowl of porridge, make sure you eat something before you leave the house.
Cleaning Your Face
There are days when I don't clan my face in the morning (mainly because I have slept in to long!) but whenever I do I feel so much more fresh and most of the time, more preapred for the day.
I hope you liked this post and that it helped some of you! What do you do in the mornings? DO you press the snooze button?
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  1. Great tips! I confess I press the snooze button about a dozen times most mornings...

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  2. Not pressing the snooze button, soooo hard!


  3. I think I hit the snooze button atleast 4 times each morning! haha But you're totally right! i would have much easier mornings if i just got up on time =)