Melting Marshmallow Moment Review

As you all know I love Lush. I have got so many post about it and click here to see one of my favourites! Today I thought I would give you a review of the Melting Marshmallow Moment.
I used this when I was really tired and it really helped me to relax. This is a bath melt and is meant to make your skin super super soft, which it certainly did! I came out of the bath with such soft skin it was unbelievable! This has the scent of snow fairy which is one of my favourites from Lush. I would defintely recommend this to anyone who likes the smell of snow fairy or if you want to relax. My skin was soft for the rest of the day and smelt amazing! I hope you like this post!

What is your favourite Lush product? Do you like this product? Have you used this product?
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  1. Great little review! I have actually only had one sniff of Snow Fairy, so I can never picture the scent. I'll need to get to a Lush and smell it again, pronto. I do love their bath items but I'm never literally bathing, it's always a shower for me. I am a fan of Lush's massage bars. I love that they melt with body heat, so cool! I have a couple tins and the lemon-scented bars!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. this looks heavenly! I've never used it but I definitely would give it a go!

  3. I love snow fairy so I reckon i'd love this bath melt! So, with bath melts, do you use it all in one go? Or do you dip it in the bath and take it out? I love LUSH but have only ever used their bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps. My fave are the bubble bars because I can break them up and use in three baths! x

  4. I'm definitely going to try this out!♡

  5. Wonderful post, i love lush products :)