November Favourites

I am really excited to be writing this post, firstly because I am all snuggled up, fairy lights on, hot chocolate in hand and secondly because its finally December which can only mean one thing... Christmas! I am SO excited for Christmas its a bit worrying!

Pink Spray 'fresh & clean'
This month I have really been loving this Pink spray from Victoria Secrets in the scent fresh & clean. As the title says it really does smell fresh and clean and I have been using this everyday. It is especially good to use after P.E!
Seventeen Eye Shadow 'Statesque'
I recently found this eye shadow and after trying it out fell head over heals in love. It is such a gorgeous shimmery pink colour and I mentioned it here in an autumn makeup look! I will definitely be trying out a few more of the Seventeen shades as it is very pigmented and such good quality!
Soap & Glory Hand Food
I also mentioned this is a post but I have come back to this little staple! As the days are getting colder my hands are starting to feel it but this has been such a saviour. It keeps my hands moisturised but sinks in and leaves them smelling lovely.
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
I read this book in less than a month and I absolutely LOVED it. I has such a good story line and was quite different to the film. Click here to get a full review!
 I hope you liked this post. What are your favourites of the month? Have you tried any of these products? Can you recommend any of these products?
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  1. Love the soap and glory hand food cream! Lovely post :) x