Christmas traditions

Today I had a lovely family day as my cousins aren't going to be there on Christmas Day, so we exchanged presents and had a big meal and so I thought I would share with you a few Christmas traditions! 
We never open any presents on Christmas Eve as I know some people do but we do go to Christingle. In the morning we open our stockings in my parents room and then we get ready. It is tradion in our family to dress up smartly so we put on our best party dresses and head down stairs for breakfast. As we go to church we are allowed to open one present and then when we get back the day gets in full swing! We will have lunch and we normally end up spending hours sat at the table just having fun and enjoying spending time with each other!
I hope you have liked this post and if you do anything differently then please leave me a comment telling me what! Merry Christmas!
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