Heart to Heart

Is it just me or is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go? (see what I did there!)
I really like writing these sort of posts, having a good old sit down and talk with you. Christmas is just round the corner and I can't wait! I have been getting excited for ages and now it is finally December I am in my element. I love Christmas films, Elf is a obvious choice but I think Love Actually is one of my favourite. It is such a heart warming film and just puts me in such a good mood. I think one of my favourite things is the music, there are so many amazing songs. I love the Justin Bieber album, mistletoe is really good! I also love the decorations, the tree, the fairy lights, and just the festive atmosphere. It is one of my favourite times of the year. I am really enjoying Vlogmas and am trying to stay as up to date as I can! I am also really enjoying Blogmas and writing a post for you everyday and hope you like them too. And with that I hope you like this little heart to heart and merry Christmas!
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