Things to do at Christmas time

I know there are some people who are on there Christmas holidays so I thought that I would give you a few ideas of what to do!

1) Backing 
There are so many amazing things to make at Christmas. Cupcakes, chocolate logs, gingerbread (there will be a recipe up at the weekend!) 

2) Spend time with your friends
There are so many fun things to do with your friends at this time of year. You could go into town and get a festive drink or you stay at home and chat and watch festive films!

3) Have some family time
I find that this is one of the most wonderful t times of the year to spend with family. Even if it just at the table try and make time for your family.

4) Pamper day
I love pampering myself, that my sound silly but you always need to just relax and take a step back. I have planned a post about how to have the BEST pamper day and I can't wait to take the pictures for it!

5) Wrap your presents
If you aren't very good at wrapping then you may want to do them before a few nights before and if you are an expert then use the time to make them look more snazzy!

I hope you have liked this post and it has given you a few ideas of what to do this season! What are your favourite things to do?
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  1. nice post :)
    my fav thing: family and friends

    1. It is lovely to spend time with family!

      Maisie x

  2. I love baking at these time of the year. That's a great list. Lovely post.


  3. I love pamper days! :)


  4. Great post, some good ideas! I love having pamper days but it's so rare that I do them! I've just followed you on blogger, I'd love it if you could follow back!
    Katie x